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Installing solar panels is more than putting metal on roofs. Professional solar panel installation is an essential part of the process, ensuring that you will get the greatest return from your solar energy investment. DIY solar panel installation can be dangerous and create long-term effects, such as voiding your roof warranty or decreasing the power output of your solar panel array.

Hiring a licensed solar installation professional will ensure that your solar array is properly and safely installed so you can get the most from your panels. proSOLAR is a leading solar installer in St. Louis, MO, and will make sure your solar journey is successful. Our installations are performed by qualified personnel who possess the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Ready to join the solar revolution and maximize the return on your solar energy investment? Contact proSOLAR now and let us schedule your solar energy installation. We look forward to helping you unlock the full power of solar energy.

Signs You Need Solar Panel Repair and Replacement in St. Louis, MO

Solar panels are an essential source of renewable energy that, when in working order, can significantly reduce your energy bills. However, damage or unsavory weather conditions can affect the functioning of solar panels, and using a rundown system can be a detriment to the environment and your pocketbook. Here are some tell-tale signs, that you may need to call a professional like proSOLAR servicing Saint Louis, MO, to repair or replace your solar panels.

For quality repair and replacement services you can trust, look no further than proSOLAR. Our expert team of professionals can tackle all your repairs and make sure your panels work at maximum efficiency. Reach out to us today at (314) 703-3888 to schedule an appointment.

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Switch to Solar Power and Help the Environment

Making the switch to commercial solar energy is a great way to do business while helping the environment. Solar energy is abundant, renewable, and completely free to capture and use, meaning your business can benefit from a more reliable, lower-cost energy source that protects the planet. Commercial solar projects also provide additional benefits to businesses such as tax incentives, utility bill savings, and local job creation.

Taken together, switching to solar power is a win-win for both businesses and the planet, and the experienced technicians of proSOLAR are here to enable that transition. 

A trusted name in St. Louis, MO solar installation business, proSOLAR offers quality materials and professional services to ensure that your commercial solar installation is done with lasting value and efficiency. From repairs and system maintenance to design and installation, proSOLAR has the knowledge to help your business maximize its energy output and minimize energy costs. So don’t delay: make the switch to commercial solar energy today and join the many businesses in St. Louis that have already gone solar. Call proSOLAR to get started.


Maintaining & Cleaning Your Solar Panels: ProSOLAR Offers Services in St. Louis

Keeping your solar panels clean and well-maintained is essential for proper solar energy generation. Regular visual inspections can help you identify and address potential early warning signs that indicate your solar panel system may need professional maintenance. Here are some of the key signs that suggest solar panel maintenance is needed.

Reduced Solar Output

decreased electricity production can be a sign that dust and debris have built up on the surface of the solar panels and needs to be cleaned.

Physical Damage

physical damage can be caused by anything from damaging weather elements to rogue branches or animals.


watch for corrosion, especially near the electrical connections, as this could be an indication of premature aging and requires professional attention.

Discoloration and Cloudiness

too much shade, dust, and dirt can cause this discoloration and cloudiness. Cleaning and maintenance can help restore the clarity of your solar panel system.

Water Accumulation

this could be due to clogged and blocked drains. Make sure to check your gutters and downspouts to rule those out and if necessary, call in a professional.

ProSOLAR offers solar panel cleaning and maintenance services in St. Louis, MO. You can count on us to keep your solar panels generating electricity for years to come. Call 314-703-3888 today to arrange for solar maintenance services.

Gain Independence From Power Outages with a Solar Generator

No one likes to be without power in their home, but outages do happen—especially during stormy weather. Thankfully, powering your home during an outage is now easier than ever with a solar generator. 

Solar machines allow you to turn a natural resource like the sun into an economically friendly power source for your home. These generators will help you remain independent during an extended power outage, enabling you to keep lights, appliances, and HVAC running. It’s never been simpler to stay safe, comfortable, and connected. 

At proSOLAR, we provide Clean Green Solar Machine generators in 12-kilowatt and 24-kilowatt options. These environmentally friendly generators come in a variety of sizes, so you can create a tailored system to fit your family’s needs. With a solar machine in place, you can quickly regain power during a blackout and maintain an exacting level of comfort. 

If you’re interested in a solar generator in St. Louis, MO, proSOLAR can help. Contact us today for solar generator installation services. We will make sure your family stays safe, warm, and connected during a power outage.