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Powering your residential or commercial property with solar energy is a fantastic way to save money on your electricity bill. If you’re looking for a solar panel company in Fenton, MO, count on proSOLAR.  We also have over 16 years of roofing experience through our sister company Home Options Made Easy. This means we can take care of your property with our comprehensive roofing and solar services.

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As a veteran-owned, family-owned and locally owned business, we’re also glad to give back to our community. We provide financing options for new installations, and we offer military and first responder discounts. View our Financing page now for more information.


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Whether you want to install commercial solar panels or solar panel generators or replace your residential solar panels, our solar panel installation company has got you covered. We also offer roofing services through our sister company Home Options Made Easy. You can trust our certified experts to take care of your roof after your solar installation. Contact us now if you’re looking for an experienced solar panel company in the St. Louis, MO area.

The Basics

The quantity of sunshine that touches the earth’s surface in an hour and a half would be enough to power the entire planet for a year. Solar technologies turn sunlight into electrical energy by using specific panels or mirrors that focus on solar radiation. Solar energy is the most abundant and clean renewable energy source accessible. Solar technology may utilize this energy to generate electricity, provide light or a warm indoor atmosphere, and heat water for the home, commercial, or industrial usage.

While every point on Earth receives sunlight throughout the course of a year, the amount of solar energy that reaches any particular area on the planet’s surface differs. Solar technologies absorb this radiation and convert it into usable energy. At a high level, solar cells absorb incoming sunlight to produce an electrical current via the “photovoltaic effect.” Now isn’t that just cool?

The Photovoltaic Effect

A solar panel generates electricity when photons, or particles of sunshine, knock electrons loose from atoms, causing them to move. This flow of electrons is known as electricity, and solar panels are intended to absorb it and convert it into a useful electric charge. The photovoltaic effect is the fundamental chemical and physical mechanism behind the great majority of renewable technology. It is both a physical and chemical occurrence.

The Superiority of Solar Energy

Without a question, the sun is a strong energy source, and while we can only gather a fraction of it, harnessing this power by installing solar panels may make a major impact on the globe. Solar energy has now been demonstrated to be tremendously helpful to both the environment and the private sector, despite widespread criticism for being pricey or inefficient. 

The technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, and it is now accompanied by solar battery storage devices, making solar a substantially more economical supply of clean energy. Solar energy has become the primary source of electricity for a growing number of families as a result of accessible solar panel grants and the market’s more competitive costs.  Here are just some of the reasons why Solar Energy has an edge over other energy sources:

Lowers Electricity Bills

Your energy expenses will be lower since the power generated by your solar system satisfies a good fraction of your energy demands. The amount you save on your bill will be determined by the size of the solar system and the amount of power or heat your household or business uses.

Low Upkeep

Solar energy systems, in general, do not require much maintenance. You simply need to maintain them decently clean, so cleansing them twice a year would probably be enough. After paying for the original cost of the solar system, you may anticipate spending relatively little on maintenance operations.

Various Uses

Solar energy may be utilized to generate electricity in locations without grid access, to distill water in areas with limited clean water supplies, and even to power space missions. Solar energy may also be incorporated into construction materials. It is reasonable to state that solar energy may be put to use for a variety of reasons.

Source of Renewable Energy

Your energy expenses will be lower since the power generated by your solar system satisfies a good fraction of your energy demands. The amount you save on your bill will be determined by the size of the solar system and the amount of power or heat your household or business uses.

Make the Switch to Solar Energy Now!

There are benefits and drawbacks to solar energy, but if it has piqued your curiosity, make the change today. Going solar is a terrific idea for you, your family, your money account, and the environment. Solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases when they generate power, thus they assist to lower your personal carbon footprint as well as carbon emissions in the US as a whole. 

If you’re worried about not getting enough sunlight, the quantity of power produced by solar panels is not dependent on brilliant sunlight or high temperatures. Solar panels can turn light into power even on the cloudiest of days, in the coldest of temperatures, and in the hottest of summers – this means you don’t have to worry about your system not working in bad weather. If you want the safest, most efficient, and best-in-class service, proSOLAR is the perfect company for you. Providing the best for the best from the best.