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Solar is an invaluable energy source that never runs out. If you’re interested in solar panel installation services in Fenton, MO, count on proSOLAR. We’ll install your new panels correctly so you can start utilizing solar energy.

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Wondering if solar panels are right for your property?

If you’re undecided about our solar energy installation services, let our experts convince you that this is a worthwhile investment. With new solar panels, you can:

Your solar panel installation will eventually pay for itself in several ways. Firstly, you’ll save money on your electric bill. Secondly, many homeowners find they can write off 100% of the cost of their installation in their taxes. For more information about solar tax credits, email us today.

Solar & Retrofit Solutions

Installed Service

We can customize and install any size solar project starting with a minimum of 13 panels and up. Big or small, whatever your power needs are, we can help you with saving on your monthly bills.

Solar systems typically save, in most cases, hundreds of dollars monthly from your current bills. On average with current incentives, they will completely pay for themselves in less than 10 years for residential, and less than 5 for businesses.

Retrofit lighting alone can impact your monthly bills by as much as 25% in most commercial settings.

Solar Panels: What They Are & How They Work

A solar panel is an enclosure that houses a collection of electrically connected solar cells that use sunlight to generate electricity. When light strikes a cell, the light sets the silicon’s electrons in action, starting a current of electricity. The general operation of solar panel technology is described by what is known as the “photovoltaic effect.” 

There are several benefits to switching to solar energy, including the ability to conserve money and help save the environment. Let’s delve deeper into some solar panel fundamental facts.

Solar cells also referred to as photovoltaic cells and made of semiconductors like silicon, are found in solar panels. It composes of a layer of silicon cells, a metal framing, a glass housing unit, and wiring to transport electric current from the silicon. 

There are primarily two types of solar panels. Solar thermal panels heat water by absorbing the sun’s heat and can be used to heat homes or swimming pools, whereas photovoltaic panels, also known as solar PV, convert sunlight into electricity.

If you’re worried about the costs of installing solar panels, you have to consider this. Solar panel installation costs shouldn’t be exaggerated because, although being expensive, they pay for themselves quickly thanks to reduced electricity costs and government subsidies. Furthermore, houses with solar panels sell more quickly and for a higher price than those without. 

Solar panel maintenance is practically nonexistent once they are installed. Simply ensure sure they are unobstructed by anything and are clean. The lifespan of solar panels is also very lengthy.

Even though sunlight is the most efficient, power is nevertheless generated in the winter and on gloomy days. However, no electricity may be generated at night; this issue can be fixed by a storage system. 

Any kind of structure, including a building, a road, a bridge, and even spacecraft and satellites, can use solar panels. The use of solar energy is expanding to many facets of life.

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As a trusted Missouri solar provider, we want to make getting solar simple and reasonable so you can start saving on electricity bills right away. Our proSOLAR solar panel installers are here to make sure you get a solar energy system that performs the functions you require. It’s a fantastic moment to switch to solar power because solar PV systems for the home are becoming more and more popular and more inexpensive than before. 

ProSOLAR is a major supplier of solar systems with high-quality components from leading brands. Our crew has the experience and is skillfully trained to provide Missouri homeowners and business owners with residential and commercial solar panel installation services. So if you’re prepared to go solar and are searching for a dependable, reputable Missouri solar installer, look no further. Call proSOLAR!

Solar Panel Installations: The Basics

Many people are making the conversion to a sustainable way of living. This is because these individuals value environmental preservation. You need to do a lot of studying and think about a lot of different factors before committing to a greener lifestyle.

This basic tutorial will tell you all you need to know before installing solar panels.

Which Solar Installer Should
You Choose?

Getting several solar quotes is the greatest method to discover the ideal solar installation for your unique needs. This not only enables you to learn more about each installation company but also aids in the discovery of the price that best fits your budget. It is advised that you select a reputable neighborhood solar contractor

We take pleasure in providing individualized customer care. The system functions autonomously and doesn’t need the homeowner to be involved after the installation by the solar business. You can get in touch with us and our incredible staff will help you if you’re interested in learning more about the more technical parts of solar. Look for a business that uses its installation crew and guarantees that they have only the best employees – like proSOLAR. 

The Installation Process

The roof is the most typical place for solar panel installation. The majority of roofs often meet the installation requirements needed to give panels the most sunlight. The solar panels could potentially be put on the ground if roof installation is not feasible or desired. You just need to make sure that nothing is in the way of the sun. 

The following steps are generally the basics when installing solar panels:

  • Scaffolding – To ensure safety when installing while on the roof, installers must first create scaffolding.

  • Mounting systems for solar panels – The solar panels’ foundation will be supported by this. To get the most solar exposure, the entire mounting structure needs to be slanted.

  • Wire and install the solar panels – The actual solar panel needs to be mounted on the support system. Make sure to turn off the home’s energy supply while installing the wiring.

  • Putting in a solar inverter – Usually situated close to the main panel, it may be either indoors or outside. If stored in a colder environment, inverters are more effective.

  • Get a solar battery – You won’t have to worry about running out of useful energy during cloudy days thanks to the solar battery storage, which can also help cut installation costs for solar battery storage systems.

  • Solar panel startup and testing – The newly installed solar panel system must be tested and powered on as the last stage. The installation of the solar panels is then finished.

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