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Solar panels are a considerable investment. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to keep them clean. ProSOLAR offers solar panel cleaning services. We’ll use safe and effective power washing techniques to blast away dirt buildup. You can count on us to keep your solar panels generating electricity for years to come.

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Top reasons to keep up with solar panel maintenance

Top reasons to keep up with solar panel maintenance

If it’s been a while since you showed your solar panels some TLC, turn to ProSOLAR for solar maintenance services.

Keeping your solar panels in top shape will:

Imagine how much you could save by reducing repair costs and improving efficiency. Contact us today to schedule solar panel cleaning services in Arnold, MO or the St. Louis area.


Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar power systems are a fantastic method to use the sun’s energy to run your house. You’ll not only be ready to start saving money on power, but you’ll also be able to state that you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint and give your house clean, renewable energy. Historically, it was assumed that panels would lose 1% of their efficiency with each passing year, although this number has significantly declined in recent years.

In general, you won’t need to do much to maintain your solar energy system after it is up and running. Solar installations experience extremely minimal deterioration over time since they don’t have any moving parts. Although solar panels are made to be remarkably resilient and as a result need very little to almost no care from their owners, some maintenance procedures will keep solar panels operating at their best.

Tips for Solar Panel Upkeep

Solar panels often don’t need any maintenance and last for many years with no problems. But it’s also crucial to periodically examine the panels to make sure everything is functioning as it should. Solar panel maintenance is essential to assure your long-term benefits because solar panel ownership is an expensive investment. Here are some pointers for maintaining solar panels.

Record Daily Performance to Facilitate Better Solar Panel Upkeep

You may not consider recording the performance of your solar panels as a step for the maintenance of solar panels. This entails recording the monthly kWh production as well as any shading or inverter problems. Then, throughout the entire year, make sure to review these figures so that you have documentation for later use.

It is crucial to record the amount of energy generated at a regular time each day and to take particular note of the days when it is quite foggy. The outcomes could vary in some cases. The greatest solar panel monitoring system would be available from your manufacturer.

Trim Those Trees to Keep the Panels Out of the Shade

The main way that shade can affect solar panels is their performance. Shade blocks solar radiation from reaching the panels, potentially causing your panels to produce less electricity than they should. 

Trees are an excellent method to increase the value of your house and your land because they beautify the area and offer shade in the summer and shelter from the wind in the winter. However, if they obstruct your panels’ capacity to absorb sunlight, you will need to prune them back. Find out if tree trimming is part of the routine maintenance for your solar panels, and if it isn’t, talk to your gardener about it.

Visually Inspect Your Panels

Solar panels are typically installed in high places where they are protected from damage and debris from lower grounds. To help ensure you’re not losing power because of an accumulation of dirt or tree debris, it’s a good idea to periodically perform a close-up inspection of your panels.

Routine checks from the ground and up close will enable you to stay informed about any debris or damage compromising the performance of your solar panels and make the required service requests. It will be simpler for the maintenance personnel to send a repair or maintenance crew with the proper tools to fix the issue if you can explain and specify to them what you notice is happening with the panels.

Keep Them as Clean as Possible

Rain will frequently take care of maintaining the cleanliness of your panels. This is particularly the case when solar panels are mounted at a steeper tilt since every time it rains, dust and pollen are often wiped away. However, if your panels do end up with a particularly thick layer of dust or pollen, you may easily wash them with water.

The risk of scratching the glass should be the main concern because this can lessen the amount of light that reaches the solar cells. Because of this, it’s crucial to steer clear of any harsh cleaners when selecting solar panel cleaning products. Similarly, you should use a soft cloth or sponge to clean your panels if you decide to wipe them down.


Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panel debris is more than just a nuisance. It can also affect how well your solar panel generates power. Below is a list of some recommendations for cleaning solar panels.

  • Never clean solar panels with an aggressive sponge or soap because you risk scratching the glass. Solar panel cleaning is best done with a soft cloth or nontoxic soap.


  • In order to remove any dust, you could be able to just hose down the panels with water if you regularly clean them.


  • Use a long-handled wiper to wipe the panels as you are situated on the ground to ensure your safety as well as that of everyone else around you.


  • For cleaning solar panels, solar panel cleaning kits are actually very useful. There are directions on the container on how to use it for more effective cleaning.


  • Although it is not recommended, if you must climb a roof, use caution since once you start cleaning, the roof becomes slick, and you run the risk of falling when you come back down. Use safety lines or a harness for reinforcement.

Safe and Effective Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Trust proSOLAR to Keep Your Panels in Tip-Top Shape

Solar panels require a large financial commitment. It’s crucial to keep them clean if you desire to obtain the most value for your money. ProSOLAR provides cleaning services for solar panels in Arnold, St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. To remove dirt accumulation, we’ll employ secure and efficient power washing approaches. You can rely on us to continue producing electricity from your solar panels for many years to come. We can work with you to fix some of the most frequent issues and determine whether there are any additional solar maintenance tasks you can complete on your own.

Just think of the money you could save if efficiency and repair costs were to go down. To book solar panel cleaning services in Arnold, MO, or the surrounding St. Louis region, call us at 314-703-3888 right away.