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Powering your home during an outage is easy with a solar generator. If you’re interested in a generator, proSOLAR installs Clean Green Solar Machine generators in 12-kilowatt and 24-kilowatt options. These environmentally friendly generators can run your HVAC, refrigerator, lights and more for several days.

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Where to install your solar generator

Where to install your solar generator
Solar generators are popular for a variety of different buildings and vehicles. You can install a generator for your:

With our solar generator installation services, you can have a reliable energy source for your mobile business. These generators allow for a direct interface for solar power for your truck, so you won’t need a UPA power supply. Email us now if you want a new generator for your mobile business.

CGSM (12kW) or CGSM BOOST (24 kW)

Clean Green Solar Machine

CGSM is a form of solar battery, that direct interfaces with solar systems 6kw or less with built in invertor, or can be plugged into any outlet to charge the batteries. We have residential and commercial customers using it strictly as a replacement to a generator for short term solutions, and this requires no additional expenses in fuel(s). We’ve also seen corporate entities, that use these as an alternative to costly UPS systems for their tech departments.

One of these generators is capable of running a single server for several days vs the UPS counter part that would die after just a day or two. This single product can be used in diverse ways to meet the needs of every business customer through its versatility of functionality.



On Solar Generators:

What Are They and How Do They Work?

Green energy is expanding quickly and becoming a practical option for households all around the world. If you’re thinking about taking a solar excursion, you might first want to familiarize yourself with the technology. In certain instances, a solar system needs a solar battery to store extra energy generated throughout the day, which is used to power home appliances when the sun goes down. The generator is used in this situation. The inverters included in solar generators convert the DC electricity generated by the panels into the AC power that is needed by the majority of home appliances. 

Technically speaking, a solar solution that combines a portable power source with solar panels is referred to as a solar generator. It does this by converting the solar energy that solar panels collect into electrical power, which is then stored in a portable power station for later use. For trailers, automobiles, mobile businesses, or as a backup power source in case your home’s electricity goes out, a solar generator provides a dependable and clean power source.

The Types of Generators

The size of solar generators varies. Smaller solar generators are capable of powering a few computers, while bigger systems are capable of providing for the needs of an entire building. There are other ways to power the generator itself as well. Although there are alternative possibilities, solar energy is the source of electricity for truly “green” generators. The types of solar generators are found below:

Standby generators

If you need to power your complete home for a longer amount of time, you should choose this sort of generator. These generators can power any size home. Because of the fumes they emit, it is essential to keep them outside. They are often fueled by propane, gas, or diesel, which makes them dependable but not environmentally friendly.

Portable generators

Since they are portable, these generators may be utilized for a variety of tasks, although they produce less energy. They must be maintained outside and can be powered by batteries or gasoline.

Solar generators

Due to the fact that this kind of generator is powered by solar energy, it is the only entirely green choice. Usually, tiny to medium portable variants of these types are available. They don’t emit any fumes, in contrast to their fuel-charged counterparts, thus they may be kept inside your house.

Benefits of Solar Generator Use

There has been debate about whether solar generators are superior to traditional fuel-powered generators as the solar generator business grows. An innovative replacement for portable generators that use conventional gasoline is an all-in-one solar power station. Additional advantages of solar power are listed below:

You have a free source of energy

Once you are in an area with an ideal amount of sunshine, you have an endless supply of energy. As you may anticipate, remote places are also unaffected if you use gasoline-powered generators. Additionally, you are not susceptible to the same price volatility as diesel and gasoline.

Low operating costs and no fumes

 In comparison to a generator driven by gasoline, a solar generator is less expensive to operate. You don’t need to buy gasoline since the sun is free. Moreover, since there are no moving components, there is no chance that they may break and require repair. Furthermore, unlike fuel-powered generators, solar-powered generators don’t release air-polluting pollutants. They are the most secure alternative to choose.

Green, sustainable energy

Solar power generators only use green, renewable energy. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the price of fossil fuels to run your generator or the harm that using gasoline would bring to the environment. When they generate and store energy, solar generators don’t discharge any pollutants.

It’s quiet

A solar generator won’t make any noise as a traditional fuel-powered generator would. A solar generator has no moving parts, so the only noise you could hear is coming from the inverter. Even yet, this noise is barely audible.

What Are Some Uses For Solar Power Generators?

Most people think of solar generators as an alternative energy source that is less potent than traditional power sources when they hear the term. Solar generators really provide the same amount of power, and occasionally even more. You can use them to power small, power-efficient appliances like lights, as well as larger, more power-hungry ones like air conditioners and many others. Here are a few applications for solar power generators:

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Solar generators are a terrific way to have extra energy available, whether you need to keep your lights on when the power goes out or you want to charge your phone while you’re on a hike. In an emergency, certain important equipment in your house can be powered by solar generators. The lack of fuel requirements, use of pure, renewable energy, and low maintenance requirements are some of the primary benefits of solar generators. 

Here at proSOLAR, we’re dedicated to supplying homes and businesses with solar-powered energy systems that are sustainable and clean. We have a portable solar generator in Fenton, Missouri that you might be interested in if you’re still debating whether to switch to renewable energy, need backup power in case of emergencies, or love to spend time outdoors. A solar generator in Fenton, MO is key to a greener lifestyle. You are becoming more environmentally conscious by harnessing the power of the sun to charge your electronic devices. If you want to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, look into solar panels that can be installed on the roof of your home or business. To take the first step toward a greener lifestyle, get in touch with proSOLAR today!