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Making the switch to commercial solar energy is a great way to power your business while helping the environment. You can trust proSOLAR to install and repair your commercial solar panels in Fenton, MO. We’ll install your new panels and keep them working properly.

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When you install commercial solar panels, you’ll want to take the time to understand all your financing and insurance options. We’ll help you understand and take advantage of:

In addition to tax benefits, you may also see a return on your solar investment in as little as five years. Between your energy savings and tax credits, you’ll make up for the cost of your commercial solar energy installation quickly.

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Efficient Solar Energy for Commercial Use

The cleanest form of energy currently used by humans, solar energy is abundant, dependable, and renewable. It is also pollution-free and helps a nation lower its carbon emissions. Most of the energy used in commercial buildings comes from electricity, and since office buildings use more energy during the day, solar panels are a perfect fit for them. For those who are interested in using solar energy in commercial buildings, there are numerous state and federal tax incentives and rebates available for rooftop solar systems.

A wonderful approach to demonstrate to investors and clients that your company cares about the environment and is taking steps to improve it is by installing rooftop solar panels to generate solar energy for your commercial building. You can inform prospective customers that your company is reducing its carbon footprint. The state governments offer a variety of lucrative financial incentives that can significantly lower the cost of installing your solar power plant. The company’s operational costs could be reduced for the ensuing decades by switching to on-site power generation from a locally available, free source of energy like the sun.

Commercial buildings can have solar systems installed for lighting, air conditioning, and other uses that assist the business move away from completely relying on grid electricity and so lower electricity costs. Solar panel installation is not without its difficulties because the equipment is expensive and needs a lot of space to be covered with the panels. The great benefits of using solar energy in commercial buildings that we have mentioned, as well as the many other advantages a company receives by associating itself with sustainability and being green, make these difficulties rather insignificant.

Why You Should Go Solar for Your Business

The cost of power is one of the biggest overhead expenses you have as a business owner. You’re exposed to changes in electric rates if you depend on the industrial power grid. Unpredictability affects many aspects of your organization, especially how you handle the cash flow. Perhaps it’s time to lighten that burden and consider how solar panel installation could help your company.

The solar power sector has significantly grown in maturity over the previous few years. The cost of solar technologies has decreased recently. Its electrical system is likewise 100 percent dependable and trustworthy. That includes serving as both a primary electrical supply and a cheap source of backup power. Businesses should invest in solar panels just for cost savings. Many business owners, like you, are aware of the high returns on investment that solar energy offers, particularly in light of the numerous state and federal financial incentives offered for solar conversions

Many businesses are turning to alternate sources of energy as a result of the steadily rising demand for electricity, the relatively high price of oil, and the growing concern for the environment. Solar energy is a versatile and environmentally friendly option among renewable energy sources. Today, many companies are utilizing this alternative energy source in an effort to gain from its many benefits.

Solar Energy’s Advantages for Businesses

The benefits of integrating solar are being enjoyed by many business owners. You are aware that investing in solar energy over the long term will require patience and a respectable return. In the end, you’ll base your choice on the advantages of solar energy for your company. Nowadays, small businesses can also use solar energy. Businesses of all sizes can profit greatly from incorporating solar electricity. Solar energy has developed into a strategic choice that has demonstrated to provide several advantages for your company. The following are some of the primary benefits:

You get a fantastic return on investment

Consider it an investment rather than a cost when deciding to convert your commercial building to solar power. In terms of the money your organization saves over time, the return on investment from solar electricity frequently exceeds that of the majority of other investments.

Reduce overhead expenses

In addition to salaries and operating supplies, businesses often incur various other costs called overhead. You must pay for supplies, insurance, property upkeep, and utilities when running a business. Your electric energy expenditures are one significant overhead item that you can lower. Solar energy conversion is a significant milestone. You are protected from price increases and inflation when you are completely or partially self-sufficient in solar energy.

Enhances your brand by projecting a greener image

The ability to promote your dedication to sustainable energy to your clients is one of the best things about commercial solar panels. This demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and the environment in a positive way. You will be creating a positive impression every time your staff, clients, shareholders, neighbors, and other parties learn that you are turning green or see the panels for themselves. Going solar has a positive impact on how your community perceives your business as well as the environment.

Power independence

Another major benefit of switching to solar power is independence from sources of commercial energy supply. Your dependence on your neighborhood power provider can be decreased or eliminated by purchasing a self-contained solar system. In addition to reducing your overhead expenses significantly, you will be guaranteed a consistent supply of electricity regardless of what happens to the commercial grid. You can choose to use a battery system to store electricity when using solar power.

High efficiency and minimal upkeep

Commercial solar panels are almost noiseless and require little maintenance. Commercial buildings are typically designed with accessibility in mind. A frame made of non-corrosive metal surrounds the solar cells, which are housed under tempered, protective glass. Rain, hail, wind, snow, and just about any other weather-related threat are no match for them because they are designed to be exposed to the elements.

Tax credit

Tax advantages are perhaps the main benefit of switching to solar electricity. The transition to sustainable, clean, and efficient solar electricity is supported at all levels of local, state, and federal government. They provide various advantageous tax breaks and financial aid programs as a sign of support.

With proSOLAR, Your Business Can Go Green!

There are many different customer kinds, project sizes, and design options available for solar energy solutions for the industrial and commercial industries. In addition to being a source of renewable energy for businesses as opposed to homes, commercial solar installations are often much larger in scale. By going solar, you not only reduce your electric cost and gain energy independence, but you also produce additional clean energy for the benefit of everyone. Switching to commercial solar energy is a terrific way to run your company and do your part for the environment. 

If you’re prepared to go solar and are seeking a dependable, reputable Missouri solar installer, proSOLAR is a top supplier of solar systems with high-quality components from major manufacturers. Our crew has years of expertise helping Missouri families and business owners install both residential and commercial solar panels. You can rely on proSOLAR to install your new commercial solar panels and maintain their functionality for your business’ solar needs in Arnold, MO. Call us now at 314-703-3888 to switch to solar power. We put the needs of people and the environment first and are eager to realize your solar goal!