proSOLAR —based in St. Louis—is one of the leading solar installation companies. We are proud to be regarded highly by those who matter most—our customers. We begin this process with a free solar consultation. Because many of our customers are from all over country, we conduct the initial energy evaluation by phone. With the aid of proprietary measurement software, 3-D modeling technology, and our team of solar experts, we can design a solar energy system particular to the demands of our customers’ energy usage annually with immaculate precision.

Goal of your Solar Consultation

With your free solar consultation, one of our Solar Consultants will call you and ask to speak for approximately 15 minutes. The purpose of this call is to tell you a little about our company and products, answer any questions you might have, conduct your energy evaluation, and to begin the next steps for getting you a customized solar estimate. They will ask for your electricity bill showing the previous 12 months of kilowatt usage, so it helps to have that handy. Once they receive your electricity bill, our system engineers will review your kilowatt hours and design a solar energy system that would meet the following criteria:

  • It will produce the average daily amount of electricity you will use year-round
  • It will provide the correct number of solar panels with a proper layout design for your roof
  • It will accommodate for your home’s architecture and directional position relative to the sun
  • It will include considerations for potential fluctuations of energy usage in the future

The Benefits of Consultation by Telephone

Phone consultations are truly the most convenient ways to handle all of your business. Particularly during the current pandemic COVID-19 crisis, but even without it all the time. Whether you are home or out handling business, if you can spare 15 minutes, we can get you on the rewarding path to going green with solar energy. It’s convenient because you don’t have to dress up, sit through traffic, or cancel other plans to get the information you need. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your kitchen table or recliner. We will provide a quick turnaround, breaking down all the benefits of solar and how we can help you make the switch as seamless as possible. So go ahead, call us with breakfast in your bath robe. Ask the questions you have and get answers so you can make an informed decision. Going green is about cutting out all the hassle and we prefer to keep it that way.

The Requirements for Going Solar

There are a few requirements to be approved for going solar. So before you contact us, you may want to take a look at this list.

  • Be the title holder of your residential or commercial property
  • Have sun exposure on your property or be willing to cut trees, etc.
  • Have cash or good credit (620 and up preferably to qualify for financing)
  • Ideally be where net metering is available – or off grid application applies.
  • Have a copy of your electricity statement handy

How to Book your Solar Consultation

There ways you can get going solar with us right away:

  • Call us direct at (314) 703-3888
  • Fill out our website form
  • Message us on Facebook

Thanks for learning more about our super easy solar consultation process. Now get that electricity bill ready and contact us.