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The solar industry has many manufacturers, some in the US and some abroad.  We utilize the best of both to offer the best solutions we can for our customers.  Solaria, REC, Hyundai, LG, Panasonic, and more for just the panels.  We prefer the SolarEdge microinvertor style as it is one of the best for long term monitoring on the market.  These options are also scalable to almost any size array.

Professional Installed Service

Solar & Retrofit Solutions

We can customize and install any size solar project starting with a minimum of 13 panels and up.  Big or small, whatever your power needs are, we can help you with saving on your monthly bills.

Solar systems typically save, in most cases, hundreds of dollars monthly from your current bills.  On average with current incentives, they will completely pay for themselves in less than 10 years for residential, and less than 5 for businesses.

Retrofit lighting alone can impact your monthly bills by as much as 25% in most commercial settings.

Clean Green Solar Machine

CGSM (12kW) or CGSM BOOST (24 kW)

CGSM is a form of solar battery, that direct interfaces with solar systems 6kw or less with built in invertor, or can be plugged into any outlet to charge the batteries.  We have residential and commercial customers using it strictly as a replacement to a generator for short term solutions, and this requires no additional expenses in fuel(s).  We’ve also seen corporate entities, that use these as an alternative to costly UPS systems for their tech departments. One of these generators is capable of running a single server for several days vs the UPS counter part that would die after just a day or two.  This single product can be used in diverse ways to meet the needs of every business customer through its versatility of functionality.

Solar Kits

Great Functionality

We offer kits in 4 sizes with 13, 26, 39, & 52 panels of 3 different panel production ratings and price points. Kits are sold with all material drop shipped to your home, and include the planning documents you'll need for municipal and county permits/inspections. We will need the DIY installer to provide us with information regarding roof size, and truss type or ground array location including property lines to adequately handle the engineered drawings required for your project.

Solar Streetlights

8W (800 Lumen) to 100W (9000 Lumen)

With solar streetlights being a severely under utilized power/light source, proSOLAR has partnered with multiple manufacturers to offer streetlights for all  major applications from sidewalk pathway lights, to parking lots, to roadways & highways, whatever and wherever the need may be, we have the lights you'll need. 


No more costly light maintenance leases from utility companies.  Just bright lights with long-term cost benefits and little to no maintenance for expected life of 50,000 hours of light.

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**Your electric bill will last forever, only you have the power to change it.**
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